Here you can post ideas for trains.

They will not be accepted by the creators to make a RoW 2 though.

A correct title for a train should be "Fandom:Trains:<Yourtrainnamehere>" without the quotes, and where is the "<Yourtrainnamehere>" should be the name of your train.

Idea Creator Name
Fandom: Weapons: <Machine Gun>

Comes in 2 versions:

1 slot space version: looks similar with the small fast cannon but its only have 1 gun barrel. Medium armour ,low weight, low price

2 slot space version: much similar with the medium cannon but sightly heavier and stronger. It uses 2 gun barrel. Medium armor ,medium weight ,sightly more expensive than the medium cannon


Fandom: Trains: <Shredder>

A train armed with 1 large cannon, 2 medium cannons and 1 railrocket launcher. somewhat slow but it can survive a direct bomb attack from a B-2 with minimal damage. Near indestructible, heavy load, average speed.

Slug Gunner Fan

Fandom: Weapons: fire-control wagon

Comes in 3 versions. lets you call in strikes. to use, you just click on the button next to "minimap" labelled "strikes", opening the strike select menu, and target the strike(s) you want.

1 slot space version: can call in mortars and focke-wulf support. Low armour, low weight, pretty cheap.

2 slot version: can call in mortars, focke-wulf support, messerschmidt squadron, medium guns and apache support. Average armour, low weight, medium expense.

3 slot version: can call in all strikes (mortars, focke-wulf support, messershmidt support, messerschmidt squadron strike, light guns, medium guns, apache support, single elephant, heavy guns, bell huey squadron support, apache squadron support, B-2 strike, rocket storm , elephant battery, abrams battery, EMP shell, Battleship bombardment). Near indestructible but very heavy and very expensive.

Note: there is no "NUCLEAR STRIKE" on the basis that the shocwave from even a low yield nuke would send the train flying, and a realistic nuke on the maps of Rail of War would destroy everything, even the train. To destroy all enemies on the screen, the player would use Battleship bombardment.

Slug Gunner Fan

Fandom: Trains: <Siege Tank mk 1>

Armed with 1 huge cannon, 4 small cannons, 2 small fast cannons, 2 rocket launchers, 4 railrocket launchers, 1 bunker buster, 4 abrams tank turrets, and 2 single gatlings.

- OR 2 small cannons.

Quite a weak train apart from the obvious, but only uses 2 small cannons while mobile. To use its massive firepower, the player must make the train go into "siege mode" by double-clicking it. While in siege mode the train cannot move, but the player gains 2 extra small cannons and 2 small fast cannons to control, and the other automated weapons will defend the train.

Mobile: low armour, low load, low speed.

Siege mode: immobile, near indestructible.

Slug Gunner Fan

Fandom: Trains: <The TGV>

Unarmed, intended for speed runs only. It moves around 574.8 kph maximum, plenty enough for getting to the end of a track as fast as possible. Pricing is somewhat high, 5000 to ensure the leftover budget for defenses is minimal.

Low Armor, pulls 20 tons.


Fandom: Enemies: <Normal Enemies>

Jagdtiger: Heavy tank destroyer in later levels that has a slow traverse speed but superior firepower compared to the Elephant and Jagdpanther.

Panther: Heavily armored medium tank that usually fights at long ranges, although the damage is mediocre, a group can slowly pick off a short ranged train. Mainly added because it's tank destroyer counterpart(Jagdpanther, known simply as the Panther in-game) is officially in the game.

Hummel: Turretless self propelled gun that fires at extreme ranges, but is very inaccurate as it has to fire indirectly to do so. Easily destroyed once spotted or hit by high caliber weapons.

Hetzer: The jagdpanzer 38t(Hetzer) is a small turretless tank destroyer with medium armor and firepower. It typically appears in maps with large amounts of foliage, often difficult to spot, but can be quickly disposed of once found.

Maus: Prototype super-heavy tank that randomly appears as a rare enemy. Firepower is around the same as the Jagdtiger, and it has short range. It moves slowly and is heavily armored; its primary goal is to use its high hp to distract trains from less durable targets, but is vulnerable to very large weapons that defeat the purpose of its armor.


Fandom: Trains: <Orgasmatron>

The ultimate weapon! resembles the front cover of the motorhead album "orgasmatron", i.e. Snaggletooth as a snarling, demonic steam locomotive. any land unit that comes near it gets wiped out by the flames pouring from Snaggletooth's mouth, making it effectively immune to bulldozer attacks. Health: DON'T BE STUPID! Like such an immense machine would have finite health!

Slug Gunner Fan

Fandom: Enemies: <Bosses I>

Work in progress- DO NOT EDIT! I will add more slowly, over time.

Zeppelin: hovers above your train and rains bombs if you cannot fend it off with sustained fire.

Enemy Train: travels next to you on another track. You must fend of it's weapons with constant fire so they don't aim at you. You must bring it down a piece at a time until you cdompletely destroy it.

Super Heavy Gunship: Hovers behind you and slowly moves forward, with gatling cannons blazing. Anything caught in its fire is torn apart. You simply have to destroy it before it blows up your whole train.

Slug Gunner Fan

Fandom: Enemies: <Bosses II>

These are my own boss ideas. I made this section so I dont bother Slug gunner fan.

Enemy Train: Moves on the track and blocks your way. It will keep firing until destroyed and the train and weapons will vary depending on the level.

Spawn Base: Immobile but VERY HIGH hitpoints. It will mainly generate land enemies and has a rocket launcher to shoot at you. This boss is essentially a ground counterpart to an airport spawning air enemies, but is capable of self defense.

B52: Similiar to the zeppelin but it moves much faster, does somewhat more damage, and constantly moves around instead of hovering over the train. Remember that it will rain bombs on you like the zeppelin, but you have less time to kill it. It does have less health than the zeppelin, to compensate for the increased mobility and damage.

Bunker Fortress: Like a normal bunker, it is stuck to land and has limited range. Higher hitpoints than a bunker, and it also has a mini gun in addition to its twin Bunker guns. Every minute, it will shoot a high damage laser beam from the top gun of the fort, so t is wise to quickly move out of the way, or try to destroy it before it can.


Fandom: environmental objects: Battleship

Would be pat of a mission in a dockside level. Kill the giant main turrets and the bridge- several smaller guns will fire at you in defense, and are similar to single/double gatlings and/or Basilisks and/or bunkers.

Slug Gunner Fan

Fandom: Stages: Fortress boss

This "boss" is the stage itself. It is a stronghold for the enemy, and houses many immobile enemies, such as bunkers, airports, a bunker fortress, and Basilisks. The objective is to destroy the nuclear reactor, which destroys the entire fortress. In the background, there are many walls, towers, and other "fort-like" areas. The train, after destroying the reactor, must get to the other side of the fortress before it explodes in a nuclear meltdown that can destroy any train in the game.