The train.

Super Chief is the second fastest train and the 6th train to be unlocked. It is unlocked in level 7 and has 3 small cannons, but can carry 26 tons and has the second best armor in the game.

Speed:210 km/hr

Super chief in Game play

In Game Play


  • A very good mix, strong but fast, with three cannons(Game Instructions).
  • 800px-Locomotive Great Northern Railway (US)-1-
    In REAL life, the Super Chief is a American Diesel-electric EMD F7.
  • There was an error in the online version of the game where its load was listed as 20 tons instead of the correct 26 tons.
  • Though the 6th train, it is not unlocked in level 6.
  • In the train preview, it shows Super Chief with 2 cannons, in Game Play it shows only 1 cannon above the train and 2 cannons seperate, the extra part is also not shown in the train preview.